Innovative, long stroke, hydraulic actuation

Flexrow for multi-purpose seed drills and planters

A new kind of flexible and highly efficiently technology for multi-purpose seed drills and planters


A key to secure productive and sustainable farming, is the placing of seeds at optimal distance from each other. However most, present seeders have fixed row distance and thus have low adaptability for different crops or soil conditions.

We now can proudly present a new kind of agricultural machine, called Flexrow. It paves the way for pure agronomy when it comes to row spacing.

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Vary the inter-rows distance in a fast and efficient way from the tractor cabin

Higher speed

Fast folding of long arms to a low compact position for transportation in higher speed

Easy maintenance

A large space on each side of the row for service by a button push in tractor cabin


Fast reconfiguration if a row unit fails – sowing can continue without having to wait for a service technician

Flexrow for solar trackers

Flexrow solar

In recent years, the use of solar trackers has increased significantly in several PV markets. This is especially the case with large panels in utilities. Using solar trackers, electricity production can increase by 30-40%. However, today’s actuators are a major cost driver in solar trackers and heliostats. An interesting and cost-effective alternative for large solar trackers and heliostats is a new hydraulic linear actuator technology, called Flexrow.

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Low vibration

Tripod design with stiff actuators, minimize vibrations in windy conditions


Well known hydraulics

Long stroke

Up to ten meter actuation, enabling long moment arm and low force concentration

Lower operating cost

Compact and cost-efficient hydraulic components and lower structure weight decreases LCOE

Flexrow for timber logistics

Flexrow timber

Forestry needs to develop transport vehicles with lower energy consumption. Among other things this can be done by improving the vehicles’ aerodynamics. The air resistance of unloaded timber trucks and timber trains can be significantly reduced if stakes and banks are put together.

Flexrow technology means that heavy and dangerous manual steps when changing banks and stakes on timber vehicles can eliminated. The adjustment can be performed from the cab via keystrokes.

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Vary the positioning of the bundles and stakes in a fast and efficient way from truck cabin

Lower fuel consumption

Reducing high air resistance via bundling bundles and stakes

Long stroke

Up to ten meter actuation for individual positioning bundles and stakes

Lower operating cost

Lowering fuel consumption and operation time

How it works


In short, the actuator is based on two connected short hydraulic cylinders, which are open at both ends, as if every other “climbs” on a fixed clamped piston rod by means of hydraulic clamping connections. In this way, the cylinder can be made to travel along the rod, as when two hands haul in a rope with a load.

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